Strength & Solution

1. Dealing with rapid market changes.


a. We discover new product information through participation in various domestic and overseas exhibition.

b. We share and collaborate with business partners based on feedback information from our consumers through              domestic market  sales testing activities.



2. Strategic and prompt mobility.


 - Sourcing and negotiating a wide range of domestic manufacturers with price and quality competitiveness. - 



3. Safe transactions.


   a. It is possible for retailers or sampling users to ask for small orders.

   b. D/P, D/A and L/C transactions are possible. And In the case of T/T in advance payment, it is possible for us

       to issue an  A/P bond which is a guarantee bond for your advance payment.


1. The size of company is small.

2. The competition against other big trade company.

3. Direct deals between manufacturer and importer.


   1. We pursue less margins because we are small company and we prefer doing long-term business with our         partners.   


2. A Specialized company for small orders against a big trading company which is pursuing higher marginal        rate  and larger order quantity with MOQ.


3. Based on prompt mobility of our organization, we promptly share our market trends and new product            information with our business partners through domestic and overseas exhibition participation. 


4. We continue to have deep conversation with our business partners as for their ODM request and new            business ideas  which are not limited to just single item.



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