Patented triangular water spray plate hole

Antibacterial Ceramic Ball Filter

The antibacterial ceramic ball filter prevents bacteria from multiplying inside the shower head. It removes harmful colon bacilli and other bacilli.

* The antibacterial ceramic ball filter doesn’t need to be replaced. 


Micro Fabric Filter

The micro fabric filter removes rust, debris and any floating materials in the water.

* Micro fabric filter is detachable. You can open the shower head  so that you can           remove this filter  to clean it.

* It is reusable as you can clean it by simply rinsing it under a running tap.

* In case it gets dirty and becomes saturated after several months,                                         it is recommended to replace the old filter with a new one.

Anti-Bacteria & Rust


By just changing the shower head,  you  are  able tomake weak water pressure strong.

Aroma Sense shower heads feature our patented triangular water jet holes which are 10 times smaller than others so that our shower heads generate 3~6 times higher water pressure than others.

This water pressure increase leads to strong cleansing effect. It helps remove to thoroughly clean skin pores.

Negative ion Shower

Vitamin in the air, enjoy Negative ions shower!

Approximately 100,000 negative ions are generated around Niagara Falls and Yosemite National Park, which are famous for being the place of most anions in the world. Compared to this, it is said that about 1,000 anions are generated at other waterfalls or forests.



421,000 negative ions per cc of water are generated, which is 100 times more than is generated at waterfalls around the world.

 Triangular water spray plate holes generate more than 421,000 negative ions per cc of water. You can enjoy a high-pressure fine mist shower. 
When water runs through the triangular water jet holes, each water molecule is divided into two and there are anions around each water molecule. 

Water Pressure

Maximize the effect of water and energy saving by reducing the amount of water consumed

Patented triangular water spray plate hole  technology has the effect of 20 ~ 50% water saving.

It also increases discharge water pressure so that you can enjoy a spa like shower experience in your own home.

Water Saving 

“ You can prevent skin problems and hair  damage caused by residual chlorine. 


Inside each Aroma Sense shower head there is a capsule with Vitamin C gel.


The hot water of the shower melts the gel adding the Vitamin C to the shower water, which instantly removes residual chlorine.


The Vitamin C filter doesn’t affect the water stream from the shower head.

You will experience increased water pressure.



Residual chlorine test


Look at the result of the residual chlorine test in the video.

When you put one drop of chlorine reagent (o-tolidine) in 50cc of water, the water changes into yellow color if there is residual chlorine. If not, it doesn’t change.


Premium Vitamin Shower Head

What is Aroma Sense ?

Product Features

“ Vitamin C is one of natures antioxidants. Its make up includes collagen. It is also known that Vitamin C is                 helpful for strengthening the skins immune system which benefits skin health including whitening,

  antioxidant   effect and anti-inflammation. 


“ A Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 lemons is concentrated into a capsule by cutting-edge technology. 0.6~1.2mgs       of  Vitamin C per liter of water is added during the shower. ”



Clean Water

Vitamin C water

“Aroma Sense Shower Head is the integration of the five core technologies            which are Aroma therapy, Removal of residual chlorine, Vitamin C shower,            High water saving & pressure  and Anion shower. ”


“ It is invented to produce revitalising and refreshing showers and for healthy          skin and hair. Aroma Sense Shower Head is strictly manufactured following the    standards of international quality certification system.”

Aroma scent and Vitamin C from natural aroma oil and Vitamin C ingredients give you an luxurious shower time.


When you take a shower with an Aroma Sense shower head, water with certain amount of aroma and Vitamin C comes out of the shower head. This makes your exhausted body and mind relaxed so that you can enjoy ‘aroma therapy’ healing.


- Types of Aroma Vitamin C filters -   




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