Korea’s Antique Style Furniture

The most common wood used in making furniture is  pine, a large fast-growing tree found in all over Korea.  Another  favored wood  is  Paulownia which  is light and soft, attaining forty feet or more in height and producing a fragrant lavender flower in the spring.


Paulownia doesn't warp and resists cracking. It has also unique features with dehumidification and air purification.  And It's colours are darkened by being pressed with hot irons, then  brushed  to  highlight  the wood surface.


Koreans valued nature and natural materials and the furniture making was also highly considered by  the original  wood itself. So, they are very strict to arrange for their good wood materials in general.  Meanwhile, it is the most beautiful aspect of the piece making quality furniture. When it comes to the Korean Antique Style Furniture, Straight lines and square shapes were considered ideal, but simple curves in the tops or bases were added. 


The selection of wood for any furniture was determined by its style. Sturdy storage case and others with heavy- bottom pressure were made of thick pine. The others were made with paulownia.


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