Buying Agency


" When you are supposed to do a large volume of trade with Korea made products  you need to have safe & favorable      payment  agreement in your position  with  Korea  supplier."  And we do our best to reduce your burden with your        payment on your side.


  " We do our best to locate Korea supplier with competitive labor cost and high quality product while estimating a wide      range of other supplier‘s price quotations  in the interests of our buyers. "

Why do you need buying/sourcing agent?

a. Buyers can make sure that right product can be shipped through our pre-shipment inspection service.


b. Buyers can get information on partner company's credit through our service with our local credit institution.

1. You do safe business

2. You get accurate news & information.

a. We report buyers information on manufacturing factory's production state via on-site visit.


b. We report buyers information on alternative new items and promising new partner companies if needed.

3. You solove problems with us.

a. We only work for buyers and deal with buyer's claim on buyer's side.


b. We do our best to deal with buyer's ODM request.


c. We brain storm new and competitive item development with our buyers.

<Business process flow>

1. Buyers give us information on their wishing items. 


2. We start doing domestic market research with the item.


3. We provide buyers with market research report with promising suppliers .


4. Buyers choose one of reported suppliers based on our report so that we can make                  arrangement for the on-site business meeting schedule with buyer at supplier's factory. 

     * It is not mandatory. It depends on buyer's own decision.


5. Buyers make contract with both agent and suppliers.


6. Buyers send us product initial order and we forward buyer's offer to the supplier.


7. We manage and report everything to buyer during transaction period including shipping          document and shipment inspection on behalf of our buyers.



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